About Us

YouthBuild Inland Empire offers students between the ages of 16-24 the opportunity to receive their High School Diploma through YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC). YouthBuild Charter School of California offers young adults a full-time High School experience. YCSC uses project-based curriculum, which offers a fresh and realistic approach to engaging our students in their education and future careers.

    YouthBuild encourages their young adults to identify, confront, and overcome the barriers in their lives. We do this with enormous energy, creativity and imagination; all of which are beneficial to our communities. For whatever reason students lost focus at their previous school, we look past that and offer them a "second chance." We are not here to judge, but only to encourage and work with students to see their progress as they successfully achieve their High School Diploma. In preparing our students to achieve their High School Diploma, we will prepare them for the Real World, including Business, Entrepreneurship and Post-Secondary Education. With a variety of other schools to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.  

Our Mission

​Our mission is to provide the necessary tools to educate, train, and employ the under privileged, at risk youth, and young adults. We serve the low to moderate income people of our community. Our goal is to encourage businesses in our community to employ our students that are trained in our program. 

Our Vision

YBIE's vision is to be a model in our community, offering educational programs that are broad, yet challenging, and that can empower students from diverse backgrounds. We work towards building a future where our youth are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be respectful and responsible citizens, who care not only for themselves but also for their families and their communities.  

YouthBuild's Core Values


Honest, committed internal and external relationships. Feel your feelings. Do what's right for ourselves and our community. Tell the truth. 

Full Self Expression

Respectful communication of creativity, ideas, concerns. Freedom to express our ideas, concerns, and possibilities. 


Constant and never-ending improvements to ensure quality and productivity across all areas in our YouthBuild experience. Seek knowledge and apply it to ourselves, daily lives, our community, and training. 


Define, refine, execute, measure, and complete all activities in support 

of agreed-upon goals and objectives. 

Sound Decision Making

We make decisions we L.I.K.E. Our decisions are based on: 

Logic, Instinct, Knowledge, and Experience. 

Acknowledgement & Appreciation

We regularly acknowledge and appreciate ourselves, fellow students, employees, customers, vendors, and partners for the contribution made in support of YouthBuild's vision. 


We agree to include and inform anyone who is affected by a project  or decision we are connected to.